Meet Dr. Laura Schwindt

Dr. Laura is originally from Minnesota where she was a family dentist and owner of her own start-up boutique practice. She is co-founder of The Mint Door, a partnership with the mission of unlocking wellness, igniting harmony and empowering joyful dentistry, as well as The Mint Method Practice Wellness Program which utilizes professional life coaching to focus on whole-person well-being of the whole team. 

Dr. Laura is a Certified Heroic Performance Coach, Certified Trauma-Informed Coach, and Breath Work Coach. She founded Reclaim Your Balance, empowering empath women dentists to embrace their empathic superpowers and transform from energy depleted to the natural leaders they are, professionally and personally. 

Dr. Laura is a Fellowship Candidate and member of the Dental Speaker Institute, a mentor for the Women in Dentistry Mentorship Program, a member of the Dental Entrepreneur Woman, a founding member of the IADLC, the Community Builder of The Dental Avengers for Mental Wellness, and a vegan chef who enjoys coaching clients on ways to enhance their moods with food!