The #1 Asset of a Successful Dental Practice is

Your Team

Do You Lose Sleep at Night Worrying About...

  • Retaining Great Team Members?
  • Low Team Morale?
  • Absenteeism Due to Illness or Lack of Motivation?
  • ​Team Gossip or Bickering?
  • Poor Work Performance?
  • Lack of Team Engagement or Communication?
  • ​A High Stress Work Environment?
  • ​Patients Feeling the Negative Energy of Team Culture?

The Success of Your Practice Depends on
A Culture of Wellness

  • Increase Productivity!
  • Boost Morale!
  • Improve Teamwork!
  • ​Retain Valuable Team Members!
  • ​Attract More Ideal Patients!

Introducing the

Four Simple Ways to Bring Well-Being to Your Team
and show them that you care!


Revitalize Your Dental Practice with Refresh

Welcome to Refresh, an exclusive membership site tailored for dental professionals facing team conflicts, communication hurdles, burnout, and a sense of unfulfillment in their dental practice. 

Embark on a transformative journey of personal and professional growth with our comprehensive offerings. 

Experience monthly training, engage in flexible weekly open coaching sessions, and dive into an ever-expanding on-demand resource hub. 

Elevate your dental office experience and revitalize your passion for dentistry. 

Refresh-your sanctuary to embrace and rediscover the joy in your practice.


Harmony:  Unite, Transform, Flourish

Welcome to Harmony, where a single lunchtime experience can redefine your team dynamics.

Harmony is a transformative lunch and learn workshop that revitalizes your practice and sparks an instant shift in team culture, providing a firsthand glimpse of what true unity and collaboration feels like. 

Experience the power of working in harmony and learn proven actionable strategies to enhance teamwork daily.

Elevate your office atmosphere from haphazard to harmonious with Harmony.


The Mint Method: Elevate Wellness, Embrace Success

The Mint Method Well-Being Aware Program elevates your team's well-being effortlessly within the daily rhythm of your practice. 

Our virtual on-demand learning platform embraces a holistic well-being approach, seamlessly fitting into the pockets of a workday. Earn 2 AGD Pace Approved CE's and prioritize your team's mental and physical wellness. 

Provide peace of mind by offering a valuable resource that employees can access during challenging times, nurturing their loyalty, attendance, and retention. 

Earn a WBA (Well-Being Aware) Certificate and be proud to share with your patients, the community, and peers that you value your team's well-being. 

A healthy workplace enhances your team's ability to flourish at work and outside the practice!


Want Craft a Well-Being Program as Unique as Your Practice? 
Together, we can tailor a bespoke path to wellness for your team!

Or Email Us:

  • Invest in a custom-built wellness program for your unique practice
  • Experience an interactive and transformative in-person team workshops 
  • Benefit from continued support through specifically tailored live virtual programs
  • Leverage the power of team cohesiveness through group coaching
  • Harness the potential within each team member via individual coaching
  • Illuminate the true potential of your practice as you experience working with 2 dentists who are also certified life coaches!

"These ladies are amazing!"

-Dr. Angela Mulrooney

"When you have a passion for the work you do, then you have a gift to show the world. 

This makes you very rich in the sense of happiness. Good job ladies with your presentation!"


What Other's Have Said About Our Programs!

Laura and Karen are the best!!!
 I love you ladies and this was so much fun and so helpful!

-Dr. Laura Brenner

We're still talking about the Harmony Workshop we did with The Mint Door at our office! It was SO GOOD!

-Harmony Lunch and Learn Participant

"Truly enjoy this duo with their needed message!"

-Dr. Hazel Glasper

"Love the spirit of these two dynamic women!"

-Dr. Dave Striegel
 I attended Dr. Karen Tindall and Dr. Laura Schwindt’s course and left feeling invigorated and refreshed. 

Their content was robust with practical and relevant information for the entire team to utilize.

-Brandi Hooker Evans RDH-ER, MHE, MAADH
Dr. Cindy McMann
Co-Owner of Stonebridge Dental and 
Stepping Stones Practice Wellness Member
"Providing wellness support and coaching to our team has been instrumental in improving our office culture! 

In addition, a happy team translates to increased productivity, it's a win win for all!

 Karen & Laura have walked in our shoes and know the daily challenges we face as dental practitioners. 

They are able to provide practical solutions to all members of the team through wellness coaching that is applicable to life inside and outside of the office!"

Download our FREE
Employee Wellness & Satisfaction Survey!

Discover the Key to a Thriving Dental Practice: 
Your Team's Well-being Matters!

  • Are you seeking to cultivate a joyful, productive workplace in your dental practice? 
  • Do you crave being able to walk into a high-vibe practice every day
  • Do you want to work in a practice where your patients feel compelled to refer their friends and family because they love the energy of your team?

At The Mint Door, we believe that your team's happiness and fulfillment 
are at the heart of exceptional patient care.

That's why we invite you to download our Employee Wellness & Satisfaction Survey!

Ready to invest in your team's happiness and drive your dental practice to new heights? 
Take the first step by offering them a voice!
Join Us in Enhancing Dental Practice Well-being! 
Download the Survey Today!

More Details About Our Team Wellness Programs Below


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Revitalize Your Dental Practice with Refresh

Are you a dental professional struggling with team conflicts, communication barriers, burnout, and a lack of fulfillment in your dental office? Don't let these challenges impact your professional enjoyment, patient experiences, and personal well-being any longer.

Embark on a Journey of Personal and Professional Growth Like No Other
Welcome to Refresh: it's Your Time to Restore, Renew and Revitalize.
Uncover. Unburden. Activate. Flourish
Uncover Your Purpose. Unburden Your Stress. Activate Your Soul Force. Flourish Professionally and Personally
It's YOUR Time To


Harmony: Unite, Transform, Flourish

Are You Ready to Transform Your Days at the Office from Haphazard to

Schedule a Complimentary Harmony Lunch and Learn for Your Team!

Harmony is a transformational lunch and learn workshop which creates an immediate shift in team culture.

As a result of this experience, your team will have a greater understanding of what working in unison can feel like and how to enhance this unity every single day. 

This will translate to more harmonious days benefiting your team and your patients! ( YOU will benefit, too!)

We're still talking about the Harmony Workshop we did with The Mint Door at our office! It was SO GOOD!

*The Harmony Lunch and Learn is a SALES-FREE experience. You are under no obligation. 
We have simply decided to spread the great feeling of team harmony to as many practices as possible.*

The Mint Method: Elevate Wellness, Embrace Success

Well-Being Aware Bronze Certification

Show your team YOU CARE!
*Gain access to virtual and short 10-25 minute videos of 
easy-to-digest content.
*Support your team’s well-being all in the comfort of your practice during the accessible pockets of a typical work day.

"Set your practice apart and be THE OFFICE everyone wants to work at!"
Earn a Well-Being Aware (WBA) Certification for Your Practice Today!

As a Result of Completing the Bronze WBA Program, Your Team Will:

*Feel supported and cared for as a whole person in your practice.

*Discover the importance of personal well-being and how it enhances their personal and professional lives.

*Increase their loyalty, attendance, and retention at your practice.

*Enjoy the improved ability to focus, build relationships, and find creative solutions to challenges!

As a Result of Your Team Completing the Bronze WBA Program, You Will Feel:

*Confident and at ease knowing you are creating a Well Being Aware Practice.

*Proud to share with your patients, the community, and peers that you hold a Well Being Aware Certification.

*Financially more secure due to the investment in your team’s well-being.

*Peace of mind knowing you have access to a resource your employees can take advantage of during challenging times.

*More relaxed knowing your team has increased resilience to cope with day-to-day stressors effectively.

Drs. Laura Schwindt and Karen Tindall are long-time dentists, certified life coaches, and certified trauma-informed coaches. They share a passion for the total well-being of dentists and their teams.

Their collaboration created The Mint Door,  a partnership with the mission of unlocking wellness, igniting harmony and empowering joyful dentistry, as well as The Mint Method Practice Wellness Programs which utilizes professional life coaching to focus on whole-person well-being of the whole team.

They are also enthusiastic about mentoring and are active mentors for the Women in Dentistry Mentorship Program.

If you are fortunate to connect with Laura and Karen, you will likely find them with their CFO’s, (Chief Furry Officers) their dogs, O’Malley and Rascal!