Are You Weighed Down with Your Heavy Load?

  • Decision Making
  • Remembering Everything
  • Listening and Paying Attention to Everyone
  • ​Your Physical Demands are Causing Chronic Issues
  • ​You're Wearing the 'Busy' Medal of Honor
  • ​Your Busy Brain is Sacrificing Your Sleep Quality
  • Keeping  Track of What Needs to be Done and When
  • Looking Out for Everyone's Needs
  • ​Responding on Time
  • ​Carrying the Weight of Other People's Stress and Anxiety
  • ​Worrying You Can't Do It All Much Longer

Are You the Superhero 
for Everyone?

The Workshop 
to Lighten 
Your Heavy Load

Is Your Load
Too Heavy?

Do You...

  • Have Constant Fatigue?
  • Feel Resentment?
  • ​Suffer from Irritability, Zoning Out and Lack of Motivation?
  • ​Feel Like Things are Falling Through the Cracks?

Join Us For

The Workshop to Lighten Your Heavy Load

When: Wednesday, October 12, 2022 
Time: 7:00 pm EST
Location: Virtual Zoom (Limited to 10 Participants)

If you feel exhausted from trying to be stronger than you feel...
If the phrase, "How can I help?" leaves you feeling even more depleted...
If your days are bogged down with unpaid and invisible work...
If you are physically and emotionally drained every day...

Then this workshop is FOR YOU!

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