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Uncover Your Purpose. Unburden Your Stress. Activate Your Soul Force. Flourish Professionally and Personally
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Are you a dental professional struggling with team conflicts, communication barriers, burnout, and a lack of fulfillment in your dental office? Don't let these challenges impact your professional enjoyment, patient experiences, and personal well-being any longer.

Embark on a Journey of Personal and Professional Growth Like No Other
Welcome to Refresh: it's Your Time to Restore, Renew and Revitalize.
Weekly Open Coaching
Join us for our exclusive weekly open coaching sessions, where you'll have the opportunity to ask questions, connect with like-minded individuals, and gain valuable insights from industry experts.

It's the perfect space to dive deeper into our Refresh training content and seek guidance on any challenges you may be facing, whether it's team conflicts, communication barriers, burnout, or personal issues. 

Our team of experienced life coaches, with a wealth of knowledge in the dental field, are here to help you discover your unique gifts and empower you to use them confidently every day. Walk away from each session feeling energized and ready to take on both your personal and professional life with renewed passion. 
Expanding Resource Hub
Did you miss out on a live training session? Don't worry; we've got you covered! Our ever-growing library is brimming with recorded training modules from Refresh, as well as exclusive modules from esteemed industry experts. 

Whether you're seeking to enhance your skills or ignite your passion, our invaluable tools are here to propel your life from stagnation to success. With our library's vast collection at your fingertips, you'll have everything you need to uncover your purpose and truly live it. 

Best of all, our library is available on-demand, so you can access it whenever works best for YOU. Say goodbye to scheduling conflicts and hello to flexible learning. Let's embark on a journey of personal and professional growth together – it's time to make the most of your potential!
Refresh Monthly Training
Specifically designed for dental professionals like you, our proven formula will guide you on a transformative journey toward a flourishing life.

Are you feeling stuck and hindered by stress, low energy, and obstacles? With Refresh, you'll learn how to shed these burdens and unleash your true potential. We provide the tools and guidance to help you overcome any challenges standing in your way.

But Refresh is more than just unlocking your potential. We'll also help you harness your energy and discover how to embrace your journey. By doing so, you'll experience growth both personally and professionally.
Take the first step toward a refreshing and fulfilling life today.

Here are Just a Few of the Impactful Benefits You Can Expect:

  • Access to monthly training, weekly open coaching sessions, and a constantly expanding resource library.
  • Discover the tools to unleash your true gifts and use them confidently every day.
  • Acquire practical skills and knowledge to transform your life from stagnant and stuck to energized and flourishing.
  • Gain access to a wealth of recorded training from Refresh and respected industry experts.
  • Restore harmony between your personal and professional life.
  • Revitalize to feel energized and excited about your personal life, even after a busy day at work.
  • Tap into a newfound level of confidence.
  • Experience renewed energy, confidence, and motivation at work.
  • Regain control over your life and uncover your true passions and purpose.
  • Take ownership of your destiny and delight in newfound energy and enthusiasm.
Specifically designed for dental professionals LIKE YOU 
Our proven formula will guide you on a transformative journey toward a flourishing life.
Don't settle for a stagnant and unfulfilled life. Choose Refresh and embark on a personal and professional growth journey like no other. Start unlocking your purpose today.

It's time to take control of your life and step into the flourishing future you deserve. 

Join Refresh today and start unlocking your purpose. Together, let's create a truly fulfilling career in the dental industry while also revitalizing your personal well-being!

What is your time worth to you?
" It was very nice to take the time to analyze what I wanted out of life and have such skilled and patient coaches on the other end.
Both Laura and Karen were understanding and offered real-world, pragmatic advice and the next steps to take to achieve that clarity I was looking for.
I owe a lot of this to your insights and help in figuring out what I am looking for in life and in my career. THANK YOU!"
Refresh Method Client
Dental Professional
Take the first step toward a refreshing and fulfilling life today.
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