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 Dedicated to bringing you meaningful morsels of insight that are easy to digest and relevant to your life as a busy woman doctor. 

Welcome to your bespoke online oasis where you get to focus on your wellbeing, wisdom and wonderful connections.

Episode 1: Who are YOU When You are Everyone to Everybody?

How do YOU remember who you are when you are busy being everyone to everybody?
Join us as your hosts, Dr. Karen Tindall and Dr. Laura Schwindt, tackle this question!

Episode 2: How To Simplify Tough Decisions!

Wouldn't you love to know how to simplify difficult decisions?
Join us as your hosts, Dr. Karen Tindall and Dr. Laura Schwindt, tackle this question!

Episode 3: Whose Energy Is This?

Are you exhausted because of OTHER people's energy?
Join us as your hosts, Dr. Karen Tindall and Dr. Laura Schwindt, tackle this question!

Episode 4: Putting Your Brain to Bed

Are you shaking up your brain before bed and preventing good sleep?
Join us as your hosts, Dr. Karen Tindall and Dr. Laura Schwindt, tackle this question!

Episode 5: The Dental Mediator: Kimberly Harms, DDS


Major life events (such as death, divorce, and job loss) and even conflict can create feelings of shock, grief and leave us struggling to cope. 

These events have a significant effect on the dental team and our patients.

Kimberly Harms D.D.S. has seen the importance of positive communication, management of conflict and relationship building firsthand.

With 30 years in clinical dentistry and 21 years as a National Spokesperson for the American Dental Association, her goal is to help untangle problems and support those with grief issues by sharing her accumulated knowledge.

Join us as your hosts, Dr. Karen Tindall and Dr. Laura Schwindt have a lively chat with Dr. Kimberly Harms and uncover a few ways to stay CALM during CONFLICT and CRISIS!

You can find out more about Dr. Kimberly Harms HERE:

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Episode 6: Is It REALLY a Big Deal?

Are you feeling frazzled and beating yourself up because of a mistake you made?
Join us as your hosts, Dr. Karen Tindall and Dr. Laura Schwindt, tackle this question!

Episode 7: Change Your Paradigms, Change Your Life with Rika Rivka Markel

Does your life feel out of control?
How would you like to think yourself into the results you desire?
In this episode of The Mint Door Podcast, Rika Rivka Markel, shows us that you can!
Discover how your thoughts create your reality and why you can never outperform your self-image!
Rivka Markel is a women’s empowerment coach and Clearing Facilitator who will help you detach from your past and thrive. 

With 30-years of expertise in holistic tools, strategies, and mindset hacks, she'll help you take responsibility for your life and release the circle of blame and shame. She recently became a Proctor Gallagher Consultant and mentors professionals to connect with their purpose in life in a joyful and meaningful way.

She is the owner of MindMastery, helping professionals to understand the laws of the universe and use them to live the life of their dreams. 
Rivka is a mother of 5, grandmother of 5, born and raised in Belgium she moved to the US in 2011 and became an American citizen in 2021. She now spends time on both continents and enjoys the best of both worlds.
Learn more about Rivka by visiting her website:

Connect with Rivka with her scheduling link:

Episode 8: The Science of Leadership with Dr. Dave Striegel

Did you know there is a science of leading your team under stress?

Join us for this episode of The Mint Door Podcast with Dr. Dave Striegel.

Dr. Dave specializes in helping dentists utilize the latest advancements in leadership science to become confident, decisive leaders while building high-performing practice cultures.

Dr. Dave Striegel’s unique background, with a Ph.D. in sport psychology, coupled with his highly engaging, no-nonsense communication style has led to over 25 years of success as a performance coach, speaker, and author. 

He has worked with individuals and organizations including professional and elite amateur athletes, Fortune 500 executives, business owners, top educators, law enforcement specialists and, yes, dentists of all types. 

A sampling of his client list includes executives from Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney, athletes on the PGA, LPGA, ATP & WTA Tours, MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and US Ski Team as well as members of FBI Hostage Rescue Teams and the military's Special Forces. 

We chat about the science of leadership, the imposter phenomenon in dentistry, and how sports can help you be a better leader of your team.

Don't miss it!

Find out more about Dr. Dave Striegel by visiting his website:

Check out his book:
"Take Your Shot: How Small Business Owners Consistently Lead At A Higher Level"

Episode 9: Money Mindset and Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Yashoda Bhaskar

Dr. Yashoda Bhaskar is a physician with more than 22 years of experience as a hospitalist and internist. She has a special interest in lifestyle medicine as well as mind-body-spirit medicine.
She loved connecting with patients but became disillusioned by the modern healthcare system.
She quit her job and moved to Hawaii. In addition, she became an ICF Certified Life Coach, a Certified Money Coach(CMC)®, and got Board Certified in Lifestyle Medicine because she realized that mental and emotional health is the critical bedrock to overall wellness.

Join us as we discuss:
*Why money is confusing and taboo
*What made Dr. Bhaskar change paths in medicine
“7 days to money bliss” and “10X your confidence” 
by visiting: 

You can also find out more about Dr. Bhaskar by visiting her LinkedIn Profile

Episode 10: When Social Media Gets the Best of You!

What happens when best friends and business partners are also certified life coaches?
Welcome to "Let's Talk It Out." The Life Coach Vlog where we work through life's daily challenges!
Today's topic: When Social Media Gets the Best of You!
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Episode 11: Getting Real About Dentistry with Dr. Laura Brenner

What makes Dr. Laura Brenner different? She gets REAL about dentistry!
" I had it all, or so it seemed. I had all those things, but I was far from feeling happy and fulfilled."
Known for openly discussing career transitions for dentists and her viral blog, Dr. Laura Brenner worked in private practice for ten years until burnout forced her to leave clinical dentistry behind for good. 
As the author of the Lolabees blog and “10 Reasons Your Dentist Probably Hates You Too,” she began connecting with other dentists worldwide who wanted more from their careers. 
This work inspired her to become a Certified Professional Coach passionate about helping dentists design their careers to find joy again.
Join us as we discuss:
*Finding non-clinical or non-traditional carers
*The upcoming Side Gig Summit

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Episode12: When Anxiety Frazzles Your Brain!

What happens when best friends and business partners are also certified life coaches?
Welcome to "Let's Talk It Out." The Life Coach Vlog where we work through life's daily challenges!
Today's topic: When Anxiety Frazzles Your Brain!
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Episode 13: When Knowing Becomes Doing with Dr. Karen Kemp Prosterman

Dr. Karen Kemp-Prosterman, affectionately known as Dr. Kemp or Dr. KP, is a practicing pedodontist with over 15 years of experience.

Dr. Kemp-Prosterman graduated from her pediatric dental residency in 2005 and was recruited to join the Faculty of the Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center; Dept. of Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. KP remained a vital member of the Department of Dentistry, engaged in scholarly pursuits and clinical care.

 In 2010 she became the Program Director and served in that role until 2013 when she expanded her private practice exposure in the neighboring state of Connecticut.

Dr. Kemp-Prosterman has extensive private practice experience in both New York and Connecticut. 

Dr. KP is an Assistant Professor at the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine Department of Craniofacial Sciences: Division of Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. KP is also the Founder of PGP Dental Consultancy, a coaching service focused on dental providers pursuing dental specialty and dental educators seeking guidance in their academic careers.

When not involved in her passions of education and dentistry, she can be found embracing her other joys of travel, animals, music, and tennis.

Dr. KP's Website:

Episode 14: Give 'Worst Case Scenario' Thinking a Whack!

What happens when best friends and business partners are also certified life coaches?
Welcome to "Let's Talk It Out." The Life Coach Vlog where we work through life's daily challenges!
Today's topic: Going offline with 'Worst Case Scenario' Thinking and how to bring your brain back online
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Episode 15: Find Joy in Your Business Every Day with Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy

 Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy is a Business Prosperity Coach, Motivational Speaker and Podcast Host of The Business of Happiness Podcast. 

She is also an orthodontist and co-owner of Mbrace Orthodontics in Maine. 

She is passionate about empowering business leaders and leaders of their own dreams to strive for inner fulfillment and to redefine success and happiness on their own terms.

In this episode we discuss:
Why it's all about you, and it's never about you!
Why you ARE your own Guru and your core values are your guide!
What if what is best for you IS what's best for everyone else?

Join Dr. MacCarthy in her 10-week Group Coaching Course called:

 "RADIANCE - Rediscover Happiness and Manifest Your Most Outrageous Dreams"

Find out more about Dr. MacCarthy:

Episode 16: The Magic of Mentorship and Preventing Burnout with Dr. Tracey Hendler

 Tracey Hendler’s passion for dentistry started at age 3. 
She obtained her Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Toronto. After graduating at the top of her dental school class, she decided to pursue orthodontics as she loves creating beautiful smiles and impacting her patients’ self-confidence. 
She obtained her Certificate in Orthodontics from Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, where she concurrently obtained her Masters of Science in Dentistry. She is dual board-certified in both the United States and Canada as an orthodontist.
 Tracey returned to her hometown of Toronto to work at Forest Hill Orthodontics, the practice where she was an orthodontic patient at the age of 12.
Tracey is involved in many local dental organizations, including being the Chair of the Mentorship Program for Women in Dentistry. 
Tracey is married to her husband, Jon and they have 2 young daughters.
Join us as we chat about:

*How the process of becoming a practice owner with 2 young children nudged her into finding a way to take more time for herself to avoid the burnout she was beginning to feel.

*Her professional path of schooling, associateship, ownership/partnership, joining an orthodontic network Corus Orthodontists, and getting involved in Women in Dentistry.

*Her feelings and techniques to work on Work/Life Balance.

*What it’s like to practice and co-own the orthodontic practice where she was a patient as a child.

*Why she’s passionate about mentorship and how that led to her role as Chair of the Mentorship Program for Women in Dentistry.

Find out more about Dr. Hendler and the Women in Dentistry Mentorship Program!
WID Mentorship sign-up:

Forest Hill Ortho Website:

Forest Hill Ortho Instagram:
@foresthillortho- social media

Episode 17: Why Nutrition Needs to Look Different for Women Doctors with Jennie Harris, MS

 Jennie Harris, MS, is a Registered Dietitian (RD) and Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She’s a former Division 1 athlete and is happily married to a surgeon. 

Jennie combines her professional and personal experience to help women in healthcare meet and exceed the unique set of nutrition requirements their jobs demand. 

By optimizing their nutrition and creating a healthy relationship with food, her clients are able to feel their best and more fully enjoy life both at and outside of work.

Building habits that fit the lifestyle of women with demanding careers can be tricky! As an RD working in clinical settings, Jennie is also married to a surgeon. 

This has opened her eyes to the demands that busy healthcare professionals face specific to maintaining their own health, and has inspired her to find solutions to meet those demands.

Join us as we chat about:

1. How and why nutrition needs to look different for women doctors.
2. Three easy-to-make mistakes that are setting you up for cravings, stress and emotional eating. 

3. Building sustainable nutrition habits that fit your lifestyle as a woman doctor.

4. How athletes and healthcare professionals share so much in common when it comes to nutrition. Mentally, physically and emotionally demanding jobs. Limited/distracted time to eat, high stress, and pressure. (Jennie competitively nordic ski raced through college and holds a Master's Degree in Dietetics and Sports Nutrition.)
 Jennie’s IG:

Jennie Harris on LinkedIn:

"5 Steps to Overcome Stress & Emotional Eating" for anyone that joins my email list. 
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My coaching services. I currently offer a 12-week, 1:1 private coaching program designed to simplify healthful, balanced eating for women in healthcare, without added stress, time, and overwhelm. By creating enjoyable and sustainable eating habits that fit their lifestyle, my clients gain energy and health, feel good, and are able to maintain a weight where they feel healthy, confident, and comfortable. 

Episode 18: Every Choice Matters, Every Movement Matters with Cindy Purdy, RDH, CEAS

 Cindy is a Registered Dental Hygienist and Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist (CEAS), specializing in improving the health and performance of dental professionals by creating safe in-office workstations. 

She is a nationally known speaker and is the creator and force behind THRIVE! A Wellness and Therapeutic Summit for Dental Professionals.

THRIVE! Is a 2 ½ day summit that brings together ergonomic and medical specialists to help dental professionals enhance stamina, vitality, elevate performance, and inspire purposeful living—all while peeling away misconceived ideas relating to positioning, posture, and productivity.

Join us as we discuss:

1. The meaning of the phrase “The wildfires of daily dental practice”
2. Some of the misconceived ideas related to positioning, posture, and productivity
3. How the enhanced PPE and infection control policies sidelined daily aches and pains
4. How ergonomics can impact your end of day vitality
5. The THRIVE! Ergonomic Summit at the Glen Eyrie Castle and Conference Center

Find Out More About Cindy and the Thrive Summit:

Episode 19: Clarity, Confidence and Courage for Women Physicians with Dr. Diane Shannon

 After experiencing paralyzing burnout as a new primary care physician, Dr. Diane Shannon made the difficult decision to leave practice and pursue a career in writing. 

Her focus for 20 years has been drawing attention to ways to address clinician burnout, system inefficiency, and patient safety problems. 

She is co-author of "Preventing Physician Burnout: Curing the Chaos and Returning Joy to the Practice of Medicine", which was published in 2016.

Dr. Shannon’s experience with burnout and her desire to support physicians motivated her to become a certified coach 3 years ago. As a transformation coach, she empowers individuals to find the places where they have agency and make choices that better match their core values. 

Since the pandemic, Dr. Shannon has focused on helping women physicians find the clarity, confidence, and courage they need to move from overwhelm, burnout, and self-doubt to lives where they can thrive again.

Dr. Shannon attended Williams College, Jefferson Medical College, and Harvard University. She completed training in Internal Medicine at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Boston and practiced general internal medicine before shifting to writing and coaching.
Join us as we chat about:
1. The most significant challenges facing women physicians.
2. How imposter syndrome and self-doubt can sabotage clinician fulfillment and how to move
beyond these common feelings.
3. The different types of system versus individual causes of burnout.
4. How with individual agency you CAN make changes that improve your daily life experience at home and at work.
In addition to the wealth of expertise Dr. Shannon brought to the podcast, she also offers:
1. A complimentary Lift Off Session for those interested in working on a challenge in 1:1 coaching.
2. Discovery call for practices or organizations interested in facilitated groups for women physicians.
You can find out more about Dr. Shannon

Episode 20: Get New Patients Now! (AND Keep Them) with Deneen Dismore

 Deneen Dismore is the outgoing CEO and Founder of Dismore Consulting and serves the dental community as a New Patient Acquisition Specialist. She teaches dentists how to attract and keep new patients. Born and raised in Long Island, New York, she’s no stranger to working in fast-paced environments that desire business growth.
Deneen started her career in dentistry as the Marketing Director of two practices in Manhattan. Her skills led her to double the number of new patients in one practice, and she was the leader of the marketing initiatives of the other practice, which was featured on INC. 5000’s list of America’s fastest-growing companies.
These experiences inspired her entrepreneurial calling!
Deneen is an unapologetic Harry Potter fan, a shameless self-development junkie, a huge fan of HGTV, and a self-described “outgoing introvert.” 
Join us as we chat about:
1. How Deneen’s expertise in new patient acquisition goes beyond pretty logos, beautiful waiting rooms, matching uniforms, and occasional promotions. She explains her philosophy in helping offices attract and retain new patients.
2. How she can help your practices discover the magic in your data, and why is this important!
3. Why she feels personal development is important, and what she recommends to someone ready to dive into more of this in their lives.
If you’re curious about NP Acquisition and want to get started right away, check out two of Deneen’s fantastic 2 part downloadable exercises:
1. Get New Patients Now + Keep Them. Exercise 1 (get new patients now) shows doctors how to surge production.  
2. Exercise 2 (keep them) is my favorite exercise rooted in client experience…. The waiting room exercise
AND receive a free downloadable workbook:
Attract and Keep More New Patients
To learn more about Deneen and Dismore Consulting, you can find her:


Episode 21: Financial Literacy, Women and Money with Shannon Blackmon, CFP®

 Shannon Blackmon, CFP®, enlightens and empowers audiences across the country to expand their money mindsets and stories through her financial well-being presentations. Helping others not only survive but flourish and live full, prosperous lives are her goal.   

Highly trained in financial planning and investment management, Shannon enjoys co-creating custom financial plans with her clients’ well-being at the center. Guiding them through a comprehensive wealth management process, she provides insights into cash flow, net worth, risk management, investments, and philanthropic goals.   

Shannon earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Arizona and her Certificate in Financial Planning from Boston University. Shannon is a Registered Life Planner® through Kinder Institute. She serves as Co-Chair for the Horizons Foundation’s Professional Advisors Council. She is a member of the Dental Speaker Institute and Dental Speakers Bureau. 

Join us as we discuss:

1. What an “Abundance Mindset” is and how it can impact financial well-being.
2. How the financial world has many important terms to know that sound foreign to many people. 
3. Why financial literacy is important and what that means.
4. Shannon’s passion for women and money and manifesting abundance. 

You can find out more about Shannon by visiting her website:

Schedule a Complimentary No Sale Zone Discovery Call HERE:

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