A Holistic Well Being Aware Program

Virtual On-Demand Learning from The Mint Door

  • Increase Team Engagement
  • Increase Team Resilience to Stress
  • Increase Team Productivity and Creativity
  • Reduce Team Sickness and Absence
  • Reduce Team Turnover
  • Reduce Team Stress and Overwhelm
Set your practice apart and be THE OFFICE everyone wants to work at!

Virtual On-Demand Lessons

Short 10-25 minute videos of 
easy-to-digest content.

Support your team’s well-being

All in the comfort of your practice during the accessible pockets of a typical work day.
Dr. Cindy McMann
Co-Owner of Stonebridge Dental and 
Stepping Stones Practice Wellness Member
"Providing wellness support and coaching to our team has been instrumental in improving our office culture! 

In addition, a happy team translates to increased productivity, it's a win win for all!

 Karen & Laura have walked in our shoes and know the daily challenges we face as dental practitioners. 

They are able to provide practical solutions to all members of the team through wellness coaching that is applicable to life inside and outside of the office!"

Well-Being Aware Program Objectives

1. Develop a comprehensive Well Being Aware Practice to enhance confidence and ease in your professional journey.
2. Earn the prestigious Practice Well-Being Award, recognized by patients, the community, and peers, for your dedication to well-being.
3. Enhance the financial security of your practice through investment in your team's well-being, leading to improved productivity, creativity, relationships, and satisfaction.
4. Provide a valuable resource for your employees during challenging times, ensuring peace of mind and support.
5. Foster a more relaxing atmosphere within your practice, promoting increased resilience and the ability to cope effectively with daily stressors.

As a Result of Completing the Bronze WBA Program, Your Team Will:

*Feel supported and cared for as a whole person in your practice.

*Discover the importance of personal well-being and how it enhances their personal and professional lives.

*Increase their loyalty, attendance, and retention at your practice.

*Enjoy the improved ability to focus, build relationships, and find creative solutions to challenges!

As a Result of Your Team Completing the Bronze WBA Program, You Will Feel:

*Confident and at ease knowing you are creating a Well Being Aware Practice.

*Proud to share with your patients, the community, and peers that you hold a Well Being Aware Certification.

*Financially more secure due to the investment in your team’s well-being.

*Peace of mind knowing you have access to a resource your employees can take advantage of during challenging times.

*More relaxed knowing your team has increased resilience to cope with day-to-day stressors effectively.

 A healthy workplace enhances your team's ability to flourish both at work and outside of the practice! 

Experience Well-Being
in the Comfort of Your Practice!

Show your team you care about their total well-being!

Earn a Well-Being Aware (WBA) Award for Your Practice Today!

*Receive a WBA Award to display in your practice!
*Receive a digital WBA Award to display on your website!
*Let patients and future team members know you value your team's well-being!
*Enjoy the benefits of a team that knows you care about their whole-person well-being!

The Well-Being Aware Program

  • Enhance Vitality with Values
  • Get Savvy with Success Using Your Strengths
  • ​Don’t Push Snooze on Your Sleep
  • ​Using Oscillation to Orchestrate Zestful Days
  • ​Choose Your Mood with Food
  • ​How to Unwind Without Technology
  • ​Compassionate Communication
  • ​What the STRESS?!?! How to Successfully Survive Daily Stress
  • ​BONUS: How to the Unburden Unwanted Energy You Carry

 Earn 2 AGD Pace Approved CE's!

Lecture AGD Subject Code 770: Self Improvement
*CE Certificate are Optional and Subject to a Small Fee*

One Year Membership to the WBA Certification Site 
$1494 for an entire team!

Feedback from Past Team Member Participants

"I feel comfortable and safe knowing that my employer has our mental health and well-being in mind."
"My ability to communicate with the guidance I have received has brought a more peaceful environment and mindset. I also feel like I am receiving some self-care at work, which reduces stress."
"My anxiety is less, and I feel more comfortable with my job."

Brought to you by: 
Dr. Karen Tindall and Dr. Laura Schwindt
Founders of The Mint Door

First Recorded: 12/22

*Cancellation and Refund Policy for Well-Being Aware Bronze On-Demand Program*

You may cancel this transaction no later than 3 days after this transaction or before any participant logs into the program portal (whichever is sooner) by emailing: themintdoorclub@gmail.com.

Complimentary or discounted enrollment is valid for the dates indicated and non-refundable/non-transferable.

$15 fee for each CE Certificate if applicable. Requests for CE Certificates are to be made by email: themintdoorclub@gmail.com